The key to success in the new world economy requires a different approach, a fresh and prudent perspective. During times of change it is the leader of the organization, regardless of title, that takes on the responsibility for the ultimate success or stagnation of their enterprise. 

At SJW Strategic Solutions we work proactively across the United States to guide, coach and analyze businesses in transition by elevating leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential while achieving their professional objectives.

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Latest News

Financial and Economic Brief - May 20th, 2015

• Extending Trade between Russia and China - Russia and China signed new trade deals furthering Chinese lending to Russian firms by $25 billion over 3 years.

• Housing Market Improvement - This week the National Association of Homebuilders puts out its index of home builder sentiment.

• Greece Expects Agreement this Month - Greece will pay wages and pensions in May but needs an agreement with creditors by the end of the month or it may fall into bankruptcy.

Financial and Economic Brief - May 13th, 2015

• April Jobs Report Strong - After a low number in March, the U.S. added 223,000 jobs in April.

• China Opening to Wall Street Firms - After years of restricting foreign investment banks, China may start allowing Wall Street firms more access to its securities market.

• Oil Falls - After dropping 1.6% last week, oil fell 30 cents toward $65 a barrel after signs that U.S. shale oil production was recovering.

Financial and Economic Brief - May 6th, 2015

• Greeks Still Out of Work - Signs of the continuing economic woes are anticipated in Wednesday’s jobless numbers.

• U.S Economy: Changing Course? - The first quarter of 2015 has shown flat growth for the U.S. economy as seen in the unpredictable stock market.

• Oil Rises To High - Oil rose 39 cents to a 2015 high of $67 a barrel, reinforced by hopes that the oversupply will ease.

Financial and Economic Brief - April 29th, 2015

• Deutsche Bank’s New Plan - Deutsche Bank shares dropped as its proposal to cut costs by selling Postbank and shrinking the securities business fell short.

• Threat of New Recession - The threat of recession and falling tax revenues are pressuring the Greek government to “strike a deal” with its creditors this week.

• Nasdaq: Then and Now - After 15 years, the Nasdaq index finally completed its “boom-bust-boom journey.”

Financial and Economic Brief - April 22nd, 2015

• China’s Stimulus Announced - The People's Bank of China announced that is lowering the amount of cash that large banks must keep on reserve by 1% to 18.5%.

• Hedge Funds Optimistic - Hedge fund managers increased their net-long position in West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude by 9%, the highest in the last 8 months.

• Greek Talks Moving Slowly - Greece, its euro zone partners and the IMF have been in talks for a long time over the reforms required to “unlock” the remaining bailout funds for Greece.

Financial and Economic Brief - April 15th, 2015

• Chinese Economy Slowing - In the first quarter of 2015, China’s gross domestic product grew by 7.0%, compared to the same period in 2014.

• Crude Rises - Brent crude rose to $59 a barrel as U.S. oil drilling slowed down, falling by 42 last week to 760 the lowest level since 2010

• College Degree Leads to Middle Class - According to a recent survey from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, not going to college can be costly.