The key to success in the new world economy requires a different approach, a fresh and prudent perspective. During times of change it is the leader of the organization, regardless of title, that takes on the responsibility for the ultimate success or stagnation of their enterprise. 

At SJW Strategic Solutions we work proactively across the United States to guide, coach and analyze businesses in transition by elevating leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential while achieving their professional objectives.

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Latest News

Financial and Economic Brief - August 5th, 2015

• Concerns Growing Over China Slowing - In July China’s purchasing managers' index fell to 50.0 down from 50.2 in June.

• End of Second Quarter Better than First - There was a 0.2% increase in purchases following a 0.7% increase in May.

• Greek Stock Market Down - Greece's stock market closed with “heavy losses” ending down 16.2% on Monday after a five-week shutdown.

Financial and Economic Brief - July 29th, 2015

• Shanghai Composite Index Down 8.5% - An unanticipated 8.5% drop in the Shanghai Composite Index confused many people today.

• Japan’s Gigantic Debt - Japan's debt is about 245% of its annual gross domestic product, or more than $11 trillion American dollars.

• Greek Talks Start, Again - Talks between Greece and its creditors on its third bailout, worth up to 86 billion euros, began today.

Financial and Economic Brief - July 22nd, 2015

• Stocks Steady Despite Results - U.S. stocks hold steady even though corporate results come in better than expected.

• Banks Open, Limits Remain - According to the Greek Finance Ministry, daily limits on bank withdrawals continue even though banks are now open.

• Troubled Gold - At its lowest level since February 2010, an ounce of gold fell below $1,100 to $1,080.

Financial and Economic Brief - July 15th, 2015

• China Continues to Slow - Economists expect to see 6.95% annual GDP growth for this year, and even slower expansion at 6.5% in 2016.

• New Greek Deal - Europe has offered Greece a new $96 billion bailout after its government agreed to authorize economic reforms.

• Walmart vs. Amazon - The Walmart vs. Amazon “fight for retail domination” just intensified.

Financial and Economic Brief - July 8th, 2015

• Greeks Vote No - By more than 60%, Greece voted “no” against Europe's latest bailout offer.

• Compromise Within Reach - According to China’s Foreign Minister the U.S. and Iran “hold the key” to a nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran.

• Puerto Rican Default Concerns - Concerns about a default recently rose when Puerto Rican Gov. Padilla said that its $72 billion in bond debt is “unpayable”.

Financial and Economic Brief - July 1st, 2015

• Capital Controls in Greece - To prevent the Greek financial system from folding, Greece closed its banks and implemented capital controls.

• China Cuts Rates - This year, Chinese stocks have produced huge returns for retail investors who have put their savings into the market.

• Puerto Rico’s Hard Times - A recent report states that Puerto Rico needs both “structural reform and debt restructuring” to improve.